Saturday, June 23, 2012

What if I wanted to fight/Beg for the rest of my life/What would you do?/You say you wanted more/What are you waiting for?/I'm not running from you

Why do we choose the path we do? What defines our choices and our actions? Where do we draw the line? When is enough really enough? What are you willing to sacrifice? Life can be take you on unexpected road. How will you make your choices?

I find life to be surprising. I feel like I dont know what to expect from one moment to another. I have given up any concept of planning because anything I think will happen often doesnt and what I never fathomed sometimes becomes a reality. How would you prepare for something unprepareable?

I have thought a lot about how different paths change our lives. Could any interaction however small, change the course of your life forever? I regret some choices and wish for others. I look back on why I didnt act on certain things when I had the chance. I also appreciate some of the roads I traveled down. They have made me the person I am today. Have you ever realized you could have had something and wished you had taken a different path? Where do you think it could have brought you. Would that place be better or worse than where you are now. I can't help but think of missed opportunities and connections over the years. I think of my friend who 3 years ago found herself in the way of a car and in one split second was taken from us all. What would it have took to deviate her life? What put her in that cars path?

I know I have asked alot of questions today, I hope it helps you reflect of life. All this to say, take in each moment. Things can throw you in an instant. Try new things, what you like may surprise you. Trust your gut and take a chance, you may like where it leads you.

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