Thursday, February 5, 2009

i`m a hustler baby

Greetings from the fish bowl. It’s the end of my week, with a beautiful 3 days weekend ahead of me. I`m tired and crampy with no real desire to be here, so I do what I do best when faced with boredom… I write.

And on that topic, I`ve decided to write about… blogging. I have had a few people provide feedback about the craziness that I call blogging. It seems that some of you actually enjoy my verbal madness. I remember starting this blog 2 years ago when I was having a very difficult time in my life. The love of my life was in the process of moving out and I was in the process of a complete gender upheaval. At the time, I felt so lost and had no idea where to turn. So I worked through it all. Publishing some of the hardest things I have ever been able to admit. I faced a side of me I didn’t understand and frightened me. At the time I had to wear a very strict uniform and had absolutely no option to express my masculine side other then kinging. Kinging honestly made it worse sometimes because it became a temporary solution for a permanent issue. Once I left the horrid world of fast food I found that, in being able to express myself outwardly in my wardrobe, I started to find the balance between my masculine and feminine sides. Just the fact that I could outwardly portray this very important side of me made "existing" so much better. It made me feel like I could be me no matter what I wore.

Anyway, its time for sleep and this boi is tired. Thanks all for today folks. Be good and be safe.

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