Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dont waste your time on me you`re already the voice inside my head

Evening gentle viewers. It is Tuesday of a lovely 4 day work week and I am happily counting down the days until another weekend is upon us.

Life changes quite frequently. Daily we are faced with new challenges or situations that change and form us into new people. Every situation divides us onto a new path. Every choice is a new deviation sending us onto a brand new path. Its makes me wonder about all the alternate realities we create on a daily basis. Where would any of those paths take us? What makes us choose one thing over another? Why do we choose harder situations over the easy ones? Personally I seem to, whether I realize it or not, to choose the harder path in life. Personally I feel that having made this choice/these decisions has made me a stronger person. I`ve dealt with things that I would wish on anyone. There are things my younger self never thought would be an issue in my older years. I never thought using a public bathroom would cause as much anxiety and confusion. I never thought existing would cause so much discomfort to others. On the other hand, I have encountered some of the most understanding and supportive people. People who make me feel like I am allowed to be me, whatever that entails. People who correct complete strangers for using the improper pronouns and who understand when I break down or put my wall up. Those people I appreciate more then life itself. These are the people that make me feel okay with being me. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart.

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