Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If my heart could beat it would break my chest

Evening from the fish bowl. Its an average night here at RBC and I can`t help but feel grumpy as all hell today. I slept horribly last night and wouldn`t have slept at all if I hadn`t given up and taken gravol. The short version is that I`m a bitch today.
I am feeling really lonely of late. Since I am newly on a schedule of 3:15 to 11:15 and I miss the sunlight. I am so used to looking out of the fish bowl and seeing the sun as opposed to seeing the night sky. As well I now work Sunday to Thursday so I loose the joys of full weekends off. So with the new schedule I don`t seems to see anyone anymore. Its too late to talk to anyone and the only interaction I seem to have is with the cats.
I just generally feel shitty today...

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