Sunday, October 26, 2008

going through the motions...

It was the best of times… all the best lines are already taken. Evening from the fish bowl. It is a beyond quiet night here and I`m loosing my mind from boredom and frankly all I want is to be on vacation.
I`m looking forward to a 4 day work week followed by 11 wonderful days on vacation. I`m also looking forward to being able to relax and not think of work or any stresses. And I am secretly happy to have my partner in crime, my AMN, back tomorrow to make work a little more exciting.
What to discuss that isn`t in the fish bowl? Something queer perhaps? Something different and new?
I`ve been posting a small bit on a forum I`ve been a part of for 5 years now and they have been asking some interesting questions that I would like to address here.
Someone had written a post about "cuddle buddies," as opposed to "Fuck buddies." This actually got me thinking. How much is physical affection (between either friends or lovers) important to you. I am a very affectionate person. I say with pride that I`m bringing hugs back to RBC. When I enter work I stop at about 4 or 5 friends desks to give them a hello hug (or goodbye hug if they are leaving.) Now I don’t go around hugging everyone I work with, just a special few. But I do "high five," "fist punch" etc several people. I think affection among friends is important. When you are having a horrible day and are feeling low, just a simple hug will make anyone feel better. In a job like this where you can be verbally attacked and mentally drained at any point, the slight idea that someone both understands you and is willing to take the time to share a little affection, this goes a long way. I like the fact that there are other people here who feel the same way as I do. Affection is an important part of bonding and it states a close friendship and trust between individuals. A hug is comfort and consoling, its warm and reassurance. I like that I can have this when I need a boost during the day.
Outside the fish bowl, I`m the same way. I still hug and show affection without really thinking about other peoples reactions. (Limited PDA though, I draw that line.) When I`m watching a movie from the couch, I`m a big fan of cuddling and being affectionate, that’s just me.
So what about you? Are you a cuddler?

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