Sunday, October 19, 2008

below the mason dixon line...

Greeting from the fish bowl. It’s a quiet night as a manager here at the bank and I`m in the mood to blog. I`ve had many themes running through my head to blog about but sadly I have found very little time to get anything on paper. So I suggest that you sit back, relax and enjoy my madness.

I was in the gay village a week or so ago and I found myself thinking about my first time there. I remember hearing that there was such a thing as a "gay village" in the city. I was a naive 20 year old sitting across the only other gay person I knew in the Wendy`s lunch room. I remember working up the courage to walk down the street. I remember being unsure what to expect. I also remember thinking that there was very few women present. It was a weird experience, being there. I didn`t know where I should go or what I should do. All I ended up doing was walk up and down the 4 or 5 blocks that the village consists of and finally I entered a video store because it seemed like a safe alternative. Over the last 6 years my views on the village have changed. I used to love being in the village. I would only go out there and it was my favorite place to each and relax. I never missed a pride parade and until this year I marched with whatever group I was involved with. Now I feel tired of the village. Its overdone and boring. I walk down the street and really see the people who are there. Its become a circus that I don`t want to be a participate in. It has gotten old and it feels like a part of my life I no longer need.

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