Monday, October 20, 2008

Hugs and puppies

Another day in the fish bowl. My vacation is slowly approaching and I really can`t wait. 7 days and nights relaxing on the white sands of Varadero. But sadly for now I have to continue dreaming of the beach.
It was an amazing day yesterday here at work. I generally enjoy work but when I work with a certain coworker I tend to have a blast. For future reference she will be known as Awesome Miss "N" or "AMN" for short. I have known AMN for a few months now as we both worked on a training bay together. Obviously we were both pretty focused on the training of the "littlins" and I never got a chance to get to know the true power of her awesomeness. Fast forward a few month, and Miss "N" is a manager with me. Other then a few "hey hows it going`s" neither of us had really spoken since that training bay, but none the less I was excited to be working with her a little more closely (minds out of the gutter people, she`s straight as an arrow.) To my amazement she turned out to be as much a pervert as myself (double points for her!) and to be as sex obsessed as yours truly (10 big gold stars to her for that!) After a week of training, and a week back on the much loved phones (my poor neglected cell phone…) she and I have built a pretty intense connection and she is easily my favorite person here. Last nights shift was the first shift that we both worked at the same time and I had so much fun. Its not often I connect with people the way I seem to with AMN. I really think I have or could have a deep friendship with her. I like that she is so accepting and easy going. This all seems to have come out of no where, but I certainly will not complain. She is fun, easy to talk to, makes me laugh and seems to know when I need a hug. I feel like I`ve known her all my life. (I know that`s corny deal with it, this king can get sappy once and a while!) I like the awkward little moments we have when we both get nervous over something one of us has said, its both funny and endearing when this happens. The gist of the whole post is to say that AMN is one amazing person (hence the name!) and I look forward to getting to spend more time with her. (as long as my cats don’t kill her!)

P.S (added at almost 2am) most importantly, she makes me smile, smile like very few people can ever make me smile or feel... and I appreciate that...

Peace out until next time!

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