Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WTF Mate

I know, so soon. This post is mostly out of anger and rage. Not anger at what I`ve done or *l* even. If you know me well enough, you know of my ex... "Madame X." I spent a nice chunk of 2 years and another one"ish" living with Madame X. Since I moved out I have only seen her 1 time, and that alone was a reminder of the evils and absurdities that Madame X wields. After we parted ways she started dating a girl online (who lives in Australia - of all the gold forsaken places) and despite having only had her visit the one time, will be marrying her in a month. Now, as you can imagine, this brings a plentifully mix of emotions. I feel relieved that she continues to be someone Else's problem. I feel betrayal, due to the fact that I do not feel she ever loved me, as this relationship is a carbon copy of the one I had with her, the difference being, I spent enough time with her to know she belonged in the loonie bin. And of course, despite not ever wanting her back, its always a stab to find out your ex is getting married, especially an ex you left.
Anyway, Madame X told me that her mother had cancer and had six months to live (a fact she publically announced on facebook.) I received an email Saturday that her mother had passed. Of course I sent my condolences to the family because I would never wish this pain on anyone. I have lost a pseudo parent and have stood by * L* when she lost her dad. I went to her facebook page today to see her status read, "Still planning the wedding, even if I`m half orphaned." Now, how can I put it nicely as to not sound like a bitch... WHAT THE FUCK?!?! My biggest problem with her was her constant "suicide" attempts when we would fight. (I`d like to thank her for helping me develop relationship wise. I am good at the yelling -also known as communicating- and at the need for distance -also under communicating- but when it comes to problem resolution all I remember is sobbing and butter knives... thanks Madame X) She is obsessed with attention and the need to have the world know her business.
I saw her mother`s online obituary and where it says who she left behind it has Madame X`s name with the miserable-wife-to-be`s name in brackets. This made me jaw hit the keyboard and me lay an egg. May I reiterate the triumphant point that they, Madame X and our dearly departed Aussie, have only met once, for less then 2 weeks. I really dont`t care about Madame X, I feel bad for this poor chica, who will have spent thousands to come to our beautiful country... FOR A PSYCHO!!!! I know Madame X has not helped out the Kangaroo financially because she is a money vampire. So she`ll be broke, homeless and marries to Attila the Hun. Wow, do I feel bad for her.
I`m sorry she lost her mother. I feel for her brother and her step father. I would feel for her, and I did for a short time, until I realized that for her this is nothing more then an attention grabber. This sickens me and makes me think even less of her then I already did.
I appreciate your patience this evening gentle readers. I would also like so say to those "gentle readers" who I never knew I had, a hello from the fish bowl. Please comment if you like. I`d love to hear what you think. Please done by shy.

Peace out!!

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