Monday, September 8, 2008

Boy meets universe

Evening all,
I`ve been obsessed with a show I used to watch called "Boy Meets World." It used to by part of the TGIF (thank god its Friday) line up on ABC. I watched it as a teenager and forgot how much is missed it. Thankfully, youtubers have posted pretty much every episode ever made. In looking at my life of late I`ve felt more drawn to certain story lines. And in turn have felt the need to post a few of my fav clips here in blog heaven.
My favorite story line in the whole series. It was a two parter, the main couple (cory and topanga) were together on and off for the whole series. In this episode, Topanga`s parents had mover her away to Pittsburgh. Cory, is heart broken without topanga and is torn because she hasn't called or written him. The episode gets good around the 7 min mark and continues into the next link. (this one is great until min 5:00)

and one of the funniest clips ever (and you`ll call me Don fransico?).. priceless (no tushie, no brushie)

and I leave you with the Feeny call. Eric used it all throughout the show... awesome

night all

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