Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i can be a nightmare of the greatest kind....

Evening gentle viewers. After 3 days of fever and delirium I seems to be finally beating my strep throat. You may all give a sigh of relief that I am well and no longer contagious. I have been forced to take 2 days off work, and since I did not leave my couch, I have much wisdom to share. Things have have learned, things that are not new to me, some of which I found on youtube. Sit back and enjoy: (tune in soon for my real posts)

An open letter to my love: If I could say it better I would...

something mushy and sweet

Julie Goldman and Kate Mckinnon... pure genius

Cats will one day rule the world

What i learn... (by the way half the clips of riots were taped in quebec)

cutest cat ever (sorry spike and xander)

okay, I`ll be good... my brains will return by tomorrow. I promise...

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