Sunday, December 20, 2009

We`re two lost souls living in a fish bowl year after year

I spent the better part of the evening speaking with an amazing man who just so happens to be the partner of my departed friend Michele. It was amazing to share stories about her and find out things I never knew about her. I heard how they met and about the events around their dating. I shared things that happened in our day to day life at work and how important she was to me. She lived without regret. She lived everyday to the fullest and made so many people laugh. She was my kindred soul at work and the only other person who refused to conform. She was my light and my sense of direction in the face of insanity. She made everything light up around her and changed the life of everyone she knew. I miss her everyday. I think about her on the bus or at home. I still cant touch the DVD she gave back to me a few days before she died. In my mind she touched it and I cant loose that. God I miss her. She changed me forever...

On ne choisi pas toujours la route,
Ni même le moment du départ;
On n'efface pas toujours le doute,
La vieille peur d'être en retard...
Et la vie est si fragile.

On ne choisi jamais de vieillir,
On voudrait rêver un peu plus.
La vie n'est pas faite pour mourir,
On meurt souvent bien entendu...
Car la vie est si fragile,

Est si fragile,
Est si fragile,
Est si fragile...

On atteint pas toujours le but
Qu'on s'était fixé autrefois.
On ne reçoit pas souvent son dû,
La justice choisi où elle va...
Et la vie est si fragile

On est seulement ce que l'on peut,
On est rarement ce que l'on croît!
Aussitôt on se pense un dieu,
Aussitôt on reçoît une croix...
Car la vie est si fragile,

Est si fragile,
Est si fragile,
Est si fragile...

Le temps est là,
Toujours là,
Seule justice ici-bas,
On est si fragile...

On marche sur l'or ou sur l'argile,
Dépend de ce qu'on a reçu.
On reste tout aussi fragile,
Pourquoi donc se marcher dessus?
Car la vie, car la vie...

Est si fragile,
Est si fragile,
Est si fragile...

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