Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stone Butch Blues

It is another slow day within the walls of visa. Its Canada Day and I`m working in a nearly empty call center. I spent the evening in the village with some 3 friends, one love and lots of beer. I walked up and down the now closed streets before dinner and generally people watched until it was time for dinner. The village has so many faces and so many styles. I used to go to the viallge and see people who dont look at all like me. I used to feel like I was the only butch, the only masculine lesbian in the city. Slowly I`m seeing peeople who are butches, who could easily be misidentified as a man.
It all made me think of stone butch blues. It made me think about Jess and the old bulls. It made me think about what makes an old bull? Or a butch, baby dyke or clone? Anyone who knows me, knows I love to make fun of the clones and the cougars.

I have personally defined clones as those 18 to 24 year old girls who wear billabong, element and quicksilver exclusively. They can also be defined by the matching belt, shoes and hat (either baseball or toque depending on the weather.)
Cougars are far more scary but not all that stealthy in their poodle shirts. They are easily spotted as they always travel in pairs. They stalk their pray without much grace and wear mismatch clothing, with little regard for style.
I don`t know if I really know any old bulls. Most of the older dyke's I meet are cougars and frankly I don't stick around too long around them. I wish there were older dyke's we can look up to. I miss seeing a dyke in a suit or wearing a Fedora. I want to see "the nod" when I walk down the street and know that someone else has walked this road. I want to feel like i`m a part of something bigger then little old me. I love being a dyke and a king, I wouldn't trade that for the world...

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