Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Pride

Evening from the fish bowl. Another invigorating day at the office has almost come to an end. Almost "hump" day, frankly my most pitifully day. I can't help but look forward to the end of the week and the hope of a sunny weekend.

Divers/Cite has just begun and I am feeling mixed emotions. Up until this year I have been the queen of pride and all the celebrations included in that. I march, I sing, honestly I couldn`t get more gay around pride time. This year though, not so much. I think divers/cite is a waste of time and couldn`t really be bothered. I`m not even marching this year as I have decided to take the high road and drink till I can`t walk straight.

Pride this year, as with every year, marks my anniversary of coming out. August 3, 2008 will make my 6 years of being out and proud. I remember celebrating this day being a big deal for me. It was a re-affirmation of my sexuality! It meant taking back my rights and my freedom to be proud about who I was. To me, it was a change to be really "out" for a few days a year. I don`t feel like I need that anymore. I don`t think I could get more out in my every day life then I already am. My sexuality doesn`t rule me, I`m me, my sexuality doesn`t define who Cory is. Yes, I`m still proud of it, but screaming it down St-Catherine street isn`t necessary anymore.

So here's my question so any of you reading this: Do you celebrate your coming out? Do people even come out anymore? Let me know.

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