Monday, March 8, 2010

Off in the night while you live it up I'm off to sleep/Waging wars to shake the poet and the beat/I hope it's gonna make you notice

Afternoon gentle viewers. I know! I`m back so soon!!! I find myself wanting to write more this week. Since the Olympics have come and gone I thought I would give you my review of the opening and closing and everything that happened in between.
Since the opening ceremonies happened while I was in Cuba I only had the opportunity to watch them after the Olympics had ended. As much as I clapped and jumped around watching team Canada march in (I was grateful for the power to fast forward) I found it at times boring and uneventful (much like the prairies.) K.D Lang was impressive and the aerials on the prairies and fiddlers were fun and energetic I found it lacked any real energy. 
The closing ceremonies were far more fun. Feeling more like a rock show then anything else. Well except for the giant inflatable beavers and mounties, those I have never seen at any rock concert! 
In between both of these parties were the actual sporting events. I had the good fortune to witness our first Gold on Canadian soil as well as re watch the same clip 107 times the following morning. Like all Canadians I was proud to finally have this moment and all subsequent metals that followed.
As with every Olympic I was glued to my TV to watch the Canadian Woman overtake the US in hockey (as we did as well, less easily, in men's hockey as well.) I, again, as always got emotional and teary eyed and the sight of the women`s team, my idols, having the gold metal placed over their heads. 
Overall I`d say that this was a pretty good Olympics. I could have done without all the lip singing during both the opening and closing ceremonies, but what can you do.
So I ask you all, what did you think? - Moir and Virtue Everybody Dance Now - Joannie Rocette - Vole

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