Monday, July 20, 2009

Something always brings me back to you, never takes too long. No matter what I say or do, I still feel you here until the moment I`m gone

Afternoon my gentle and probably scarce readers. I know it has been months since I have graced your screen. I promise you, the rumors of my death were greatly exagerated. I am truly alive and well despite the rumors. My life continues to take turns that even I do not see coming. I will try and keep the details short and oh so sweet.
I still work within the hallowed walls of RBC but am now a team manager running my own disputes team. I have a hefty raise to go with the amazing new role and a work load that makes me head spin. I truly and honestly love my job despite being a little overwhelmed some days.
My love life is going quite well. I don`t want to get ahead of myself when I say that I have "my love" back in my life with all the passion and companionship I will ever need. She makes everything is life feel like it is better just because I have her in it. 
I feel complete and safe now. Its an amazing feeling...
The world around us all continues to turn. Celebrities dying, war raging, recession threatening... things change but always stay the same. I finally moved from the frat house I lived in before, into a lovely new place right near public transit. 
I know this first one back is short but I have work to do... How have you been gentle readers?

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