Monday, November 26, 2007

At the begining

Well here we are. Here I am. But who am I? This is my first post. I`m not sure where it will go anymore then I know where my life is going. I`m faced with difficult choices and a difficult path ahead. The problem is I don`t even know what I want.
Perhaps I should explain. See I`m a drag king. I`ve always wanted to be one. Always wanted to get up on stage in a 3 piece suit and make the girls scream. And I did. You don`t understand what a rush all of it is. I am swave, handsome and know what to say. I can dance and pick up any girl in the place. Now comes the hard part. I`m slowly coming to the realization that I am not happy in my body. I hate my breasts. I hate how I feel in this body. But do I feel like a man? I don`t think so. But what am I? That my friend is the big question.

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