Thursday, August 27, 2015

"I want you to notice/When I'm not around/You're so fucking special/I wish I was special/

Afternoon gentle viewers. As always I apologize for the time between posts. Life continues to be busy. But fear not, inspiration is always lurking around the corner.

It's been an amazing few months. I have had the opportunity to be featured in the Montreal Gazette, have helped lead 250 employees (friends and family) down Rene Levesque Boulevard in our annual pride parade (in 40 degree heat so I may have been hallucinating and really marched up and down my living room, no one will ever know.) Outside of my awesome little bubble the world continues to turn and I hope for the best. As marriage equality has finally hit the United States I am glad that my queer counterparts now enjoy the same rights we have for the last 10 years. Although they may have a few kinks to work out, they are well ok their way.

Despite the advances in LGBT rights that we have seen it's disappointing to see the lack of education and awareness around two of those lovely letter of the LGBT rainbow: bisexuality and transgender. Both very different, one considered the "invisible" member of the pack and the other (more often than not) quite visible but not accepted. Both of these touch my life quite closely, in different ways, and it hurts to know that pain people under these umbrellas face. As someone who is very out, so much so I can't hide my sexuality, I literally wear it on my sleeve I feel for those who have to come out over and over again. Bisexuality isn't a faze yet there are those who treat it as such - a stop on the way to boy/girl town. It's viewed at times as a not really existing. Coming out for me was a proud moment and one I don't shy away from, but I don't have to do it every day, my outward appearance does it for me. I feel for you my friends who have to...

Trans rights are something I am passionate about. Despite not being trans I do for on the more "out there" gender scale so I get a taste of their reality. You are strong souls who are often misunderstood. There is still so much education that needs to be done in their field. People die daily for just being themselves. As someone that has had to defend my use of a woman's bathroom on occasion I don't know how I can't handle that 24/7. Standing with you to fight and educate is an honour.

I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such a strong support system, both in and out of work. So if you are someone in that circle, thank you for letting me be me!

Until next time, be safe and be well.


Anonymous said...

It's really nice when I find people who truly understand that being bi doesn't mean you get to conveniently tuck yourself away in whatever group you're currently spending time with. I don't know how many times I've heard "oh I always forget you're bi" or "you're married to a man now so you're over that right." Obviously no, I'm not over it because it's no more a choice for me than being straight, gay or transgender is for anyone else. I was very fortunate that my great-aunt was out and she and her generation paved the way for me to feel comfortable coming out myself pretty young. What I wasn't prepared for was the misunderstanding of bisexuality and being told to "just pick one." I'm lucky that I've always been very confident in myself and my sexuality and coming out time after time isn't terrifying for me but a minor annoyance. That said, it isn't so easy for everyone and attention does need to be brought to this so we can have true understanding and acceptance as well and I truly appreciate you speaking up and showing your support about it.

A Dyke in Kings Clothing said...

Thank you for your inspiration and for always fighting.