Monday, February 4, 2013

"A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life." - Oscar Whilde

This post has been floating through my head for months now. I have tried to write in so many times and it has taken so many different looks in that time. None have left me satisfied with the work and have all been discarded for that perfect dream post. I decided that what I want to say has to be free flowing, not planned out. So here goes, enjoy and as always I hope this finds you happy, health and safe.

My tie... To some its a stylish accessory, to others it is a restricting piece of material they loath to wear and cannot wait to remove. To me, that thin strip of cloth has so much power. I know, I know, how could a tie command so much awe and reverie? If you have to ask you may not understand the rest of this post. I will try create a clear picture for you.
A tie, in the right hands, can make me throw my hands up in the hair and give up. It can leave me distracted and lost in less than appropriate thoughts. There are two scenarios that will guarantee my resolve (and quite possibly my sanity) will likely leave me high and dry! (ahem) A woman, feminine by nature, in a tie will win any argument, disagreement or challenge. My knees grow weak, my breathe hitches and I am forever lost in thought. Its just that simple. I have found that even when I find myself wearing a tie I am not safe from their manipulation and prowess. My ties are worn as a badge of honor, a sign of strength and power. However they can be used against me. Just the simple motion of straightening and/or adjusting my tie is enough to turn me to mush and essentially leave me to their whim and fancy. Its a cruel turn of fate.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel. When I am wearing my fabulous garment I found I have my own way to take control. If you catch a woman in just that right moment, the simply adjusting of my tie, loosening it or untying completely has the potential of reducing woman to the same mush mentioned above. What I have also learned is that straight males have no idea this trick exists so the power remains in the hands of the righteous. 

All this to say there are a few rules you should always follow.
1) Never trust a butch in a tie, they could be lurking around any corner.
2) Butches, always be wary of a femme anywhere near or wearing a tie, they are nothing but trouble.
3) Straight men, get a clue :P

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