Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you know what's worth fighting for?/When it's not worth dying for?/Does it take your breath away and you feel yourself suffocating?

Afternoon gentle viewers. I hope this new year finds you happy, safe and in a good place. I have to apologize for my absence these past few months, and as I have promised before (and not always followed through on) I will do everything in my power to write more often.

I have been finding inspiration in a few people and situations around me. Little things or situations have rekindled my passion to write again, somewhat out of frustration but also to help educate.

Living a life "different" from societal norms is never easy. What can be even more difficult (and frustrating) is to live a life where you constantly have to prove or defend yourself to others. Imagine identifying as one things to yourself and having everyone else in your life see you a different way. What defines you more, how you perceive yourself or how others perceive you? What is the long term impact on someones mental stability when they have to fight these perceptions daily?

"I know why they call them labels/because you have to fit a label now to fit a label - Watsky."

Labeling anyone is a double edged sword. You will find those who like the idea of fitting into a label, as long as its a label of their choosing and not the stereotype they are being forced into. For me personally, I like fitting in with a larger entity. It elevates the feeling of being alone. For others, the thought of having to fit into a label means having to conform to a societal norm.

What happens when society views and personal views contradict? What supersedes the other? When your outside appearance is different from how you identify you are forced to defend yourself and your "choices." On one hand you have the ability to change others views on that identity, on the other hand you are also the only "model" for that identity and become the frame work for that "model." However, does it all become too much? I can only image the kind of stress and frustration that comes with constantly having to fight to defend and prove how you identify.

What can we do to make this all a little easier? For starters, stop assuming! It does not only "make an ass of u and me," but also forces everyone else to have to change your assumptions. Is that a guy or a girl.... assumptions! Is that chick butch or femme.... assumptions! Is that guy gay.... assumptions! That butch only dates femmes.... say it with me: assumptions! We have to get away from this mind set. Live and let live people! We will all be healthier for it. Beauty is everywhere and we need to enjoy it!!!!

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