Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lucy Caboosey

Evening All. I, as always, hope this finds you well and healthy. It has been a few weeks since I have been here to torment you all so I felt it was fair time for an entry. First let me thank you all for reading. This blog has hit over 2000 views (half in the last 2 months) and its thanks to you all and your support that I am here.

So on to Glee fun! I didn't get to comment on last weeks episode, the first episode since our hero's won regionals. As much as I want to sit here and make witty comments about that episode, sadly I have none. It was not, by any means, my favorite episode. Infact my only description is taffy and evil henchman. Either way I am sad to see Gwenyth is gone, but what can you do.

So on to this week. I don't know about you but I have been waiting a while to here Santana proclaiming her rug munching desires. Finally, she is a lesbian! Sing it proud sister!!! Or in your case blackmail others with it. Santana hatches a diabolical plan to become prom queen by blackmailing Karafsky into forming an anti bullying squad so that she can get Kurt back to Mckinley and save the day and earn Brittney's heart. During their "planning" session Santana outs herself, of course playing on lesbian stereotypes, this is Santana afterall. Both her and Karafsky actually do good, going on a crusade that eventually brings our lovable Kurt back home where he belongs and has us all begging to have Blaine join him. As much as I feel that Satana's motives are far from honorable, I think the end result will make us all go 'Gaga' (like what I did there.... )

The idea behind this episode is to show us all that despite our imperfections we should all love ourselves. Even the Jewess Rachel and Princess Quinn (is it just me or is she channeling Brooke McQueen of Popular fame?) have issues with their body image. Rachel, who suffers at the hands of Finn's dancing, cannot stand her nose and Quinn has some chubby ghosts in her fashionable closet. While both women wrestle with these feeling, both in their own way, their choice of song is perfect. This was an amazing mashup of Unpretty and I feel Pretty. I didn't think these songs would work as well together. Re listening to the song and watching their interactions I have a hard time not feeling bad for Quinn. Rachel, as much as she can be trying on your nerves, is always going to be that underdog you root for. Quinn on the other hand, is your queen bee. She had it all, football playing boyfriend, future prom queen, popular, pretty, you name it. Who knew that she harbored such low confidence.

The Glee Clubs assignment is to wear what they are ashamed of on a t-shirt and of course perform the new anthem for every down and our person alive, "Born This Way." (Which replaces "express yourself" as the new gay anthem) Santana chooses the title "Bitch" to represent herself while Brittany feels "Lebanese" is a better choice. Sadly Santana pouts in her gay non gay corner with Karafsky instead of gagaing it up. This performance was a toe tapping, smile inducing riot. Watching the pride on each and every persons face as they sported something that made them ashamed was inspiring. I felt an overwhelming amount of pride seeing Kurt sport a "likes boys" shirt for the world to see. Everyone gets in on the fun (well except her role highness Santana anyway) with Will sporting a "Butt Chin" shirt and Emma finally admitting to having OCD.

Overall a very solid episode. It had its funny moments mixed in with touching, heartfelt moments (anyone else shed a tear when Finn hugged Kurt?) I am finding Glee is getting better and better with each coming episode. The songs, the story lines are always very entertaining and very real. That's what keeps us coming back week after week.

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