Friday, March 18, 2011

Everyone you wanna be might have started out like me

Happy Friday all! If you are anything like me you are celebrating the wondrous feeling that only the weekend can bring. It has been an oh so special week and I am thrilled to be free of the shackles that are work. What better way to bring in this glorious weekend but to bring it in full on Gleek style. Sit back and enjoy!

Well, the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. Yes ladies and gentleman, regionals are here and everyone is a twitter (as opposed to everyone twittering, that is a whole different story.) Following the wonder and awe that followed Santana's coming out of sorts last week, I didn't have very high hopes for this episode. More than anything I was deterred by all the hype surrounding the fact that Glee would be introducing original songs. I had heard both "Loser Like Me" and "Get it Right" prior to the episode airing however I was far from wowed. But that's getting ahead of myself, lets start at the beginning.

I am a gals gal, but Blaine and Kurt together make me all warm and fuzzy inside. Just take a look, go on I'll wait. There you go, see what I mean? When Kurt sings "Blackbird" the emotion he portrays is intense You feel those feeling melt through the television. What was even more touching was the emotional transition Blaine goes through as he realizes he does in fact have feelings for our young Kurt. The range of emotion as he goes from being in awe to being in love (or lust,) it was a thing of acting beauty. As much as I love Kurt and Blaine getting their big gay mack on, their regionals performance left me wanting. Despite my utter love of all things P!nk, I felt that The Warblers had many more performances that wowed this season (um Gap flash mob?!?) and what was chosen in the end was far from that. But we all cant sing about Jesus now can we?

Let me preface this next part by saying I don't care for the Rachel/Finn/Quinn drama. But without this teen love triangle we would never have experienced Rachel's moving "Get it Right." Rachel may be a princess but damn she plays sad well. For anyone who has every been that unpopular nerd, geek, outcast, its nice to see her/him win out over little Miss Perfect (even if she is an teenage mother.) Come on Finn, you know you prefer the good-girl, spoiled, awkward princess, besides we all know they are the freaky ones!

Really, the moment that caused everyone to jump up and smack their pointer finger and thumb to their forehead was most certainly "Loser Like Me." A simple song about being the underdog and finding a way to shake it all off. This is a song that is the upbeat, anti-bullying theme of a new generation. Now, when I heard New Directions pull off My Chemical Romance's "Sing" I honestly thought that this was the song to do. It was an amazing anthem with a great message. How could a song they wrote for a fictional glee club compete with a motivating anthem such as "Sing?" Oh my god did they prove me wrong. "Loser Like Me" is motivating and so easy to get lost in. Its now my start up music for my 6:30 am walk to work. Its "repeat on my ipod" worthy. The impact is really in how it pulls you in and provides you with comfort as well as making you feel like a giant who can take on the world!

"Original Songs" was my second favorite episode (first being "Sexy") because it was fun to watch, emotional, funny and motivating. It was filled with intricate emotions, making you feel the excitement of a first kiss to the heart pumping thrill of a long awaited victory. Damn you Glee, you do it to us every week!


Downwardsky said...

You know I have to agree with you about Kurt and Blaine I was really happy that Blaine finally saw deeper into Kurt and that first kiss was great stuff. Now for their duet that was a let down I really expected something greater that would leave you wishing they both could win regionals but it just wasn't there. Loser like me is all that and more it does get to the heart of the matter and picks you up no matter who you are the geek or the prom queen, and Rachel does sad very well.

A Dyke in Kings Clothing said...

I couldn't agree more. I think the Gleek gods only had a certain amount of awesome to go around. And after the kiss AND the New Directions performance they just ran out