Tuesday, August 19, 2008

trust is a dish best served cold

well its been a big week. Pride had come and gone. Friday night we all got our gay on drinking well into the morning. Its been a long time since I have drank that much and just chilled out during pride time. Sunday, of course, was the parade and I have to say, I`ve seen better. Literally, since there was 15 people piled in front of us. But afterwords we drank and partied, frankly what more do you need.
Today was my one year anniversary out of Wendy's. It seems like so much has happened. I survived BK hell. Went to Cuba si and now work in a awesome job where people only hell at me 2 or 3 time a day. So frankly I see it as a success.
So what did you do for pride? What did you think of Celebration LGBTA? Why does buttered toast always fall butter side down?

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